Mandela Day  – Be the legacy

As we enter the month of July, you’ve likely heard the buzz about Mandela Day (especially if you’re in South Africa). But do you know what Mandela Day is actually all about?

“It is in your hands to make of our world a better one for all…” – Nelson Mandela

In his address at his 90th birthday, Mandela said: “The world remains beset by so much human suffering, poverty and deprivation. It is in your hands to make of our world a better one for all, especially the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.” This sums up the heart and intention behind Mandela Day so well.

Each year Nelson Mandela International Day takes place on his birthday, 18th July. While it’s a day to honour Mandela’s legacy, it’s much more than that. It’s a call to action to all of us, because all of us have the power to make a difference and change the world around us.

Mandela’s life has inspired so many to take action, because he gave us such a practical example of public service, and championing social justice in our country and world. He was one man, but his passion to fight for the rights of the marginalised made a lasting impact on the lives of thousands upon thousands of people, and changed our country.

It’s daunting to look at what someone like Nelson Mandela accomplished and consider taking up the mantle. But let’s not for a second think that the power to affect change only lies in the hands of great men like this. Every one of us has the power to make a difference; to fight for justice; to impact the world.

How do you start?

Well, Mandela Day is a great place to start. Take up the challenge and on July 18, set 67 minutes (a minute for each year that Nelson Mandela fought for social justice) aside to do something for someone who needs your help. There are scores of initiatives running on July 18 to take part in. Reach out to an organisation doing work that’s close to your heart, or resonates with you in some way, and ask them what you can do with your 67 minutes.

The LifeMatters Foundation is running a few exciting events on the day, so keep an eye out for details, or get in touch if you’d like to find out more about getting involved.

“In the spirit of Madiba and his vision to spread social justice and freedom for all, this is your chance to become part of a continuous global movement for good.” – The Nelson Mandela Foundation